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Your High Grade Vape Pen

The portable device that is safe, sleek, and discreet.

Meet Tokit.

Strong. Subtle. Stunning

Beautiful enough to spark a conversation yet subtle enough to blend into your hand. Every detail is thoughtfully constructed. Inside and out.

*Patent Pending*

Tokit is easily rechargeable with the integrated micro USB port, a powerful ceramic heating coil, and an adjustable 400mAh voltage knob, the design speaks for itself.


Reduces leaky cartridges, improves consistency.


Say goodbye to clogged cartridges and sticky batteries.


Improved strain flavour and robust cannabinoid profile experience.


Ceramic heating coil is designed for high-viscosity extracts.


Adjustable power knob, no need for multiple buttons.


Integrated micro USB charging port.

Ceramic Heating Coil

Ceramic Mouthpiece

Bottom Airflow

Glass Tank

Micro USB Charging

We sell high grade vape pens.

Our high grade Tokit vape pens are sold empty.

19+ ONLY

Whats your colour?

Touch & Smoke

Adjust the knob, and tap for a discreet smoke. Healthier for your body, no combustion of plant matter, less carcinogens being inhaled, smoother on throat and lungs.

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