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Limited Warranty Terms

TOKIT will provide a limited warranty on TOKIT products for one year after purchase date (the “Warranty Term”) from


This limited warranty set forth is intended solely for the benefit of the Distributor (the “Original Purchaser”). All claims hereunder will be made by the Distributor and may not be made by the Distributor’s customers.


TOKIT warrants that under normal use and service, in accordance with specifications supplied by TOKIT, the Products will be of merchantable quality. If any TOKIT Products do not comply with such warranty, TOKIT will, at its discretion and expense, repair, correct or replace any defective products, provided that, in all such cases, proof of purchase or evidence showing date of purchase is provided.


Not withstanding the foregoing, the limited warranty shall be immediately voided if the Distributor uses any replacement parts other than those provided by TOKIT on the Product.

TOKIT makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the products and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose are expressly and specifically excluded and disclaimed.

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